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Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot

The Kupferman Collection

The Kupferman Collection House at Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta’ot, named after Moshe Kupferman, one of the foremost artists in Israel who was a member of the kibbutz, is a unique exhibition venue. It is located between the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum and the Tivall factory, bordering the kibbutz fields. The house contains Kupferman’s atelier, which was preserved as it was in his lifetime, offering a permanent display documenting Kupferman, the man and the artist. The spacious, naturally-lit halls next to the studio feature changing exhibitions of Kupferman’s work and exhibitions of works by other artists who correspond with his work. Visitors can also watch films about Kupferman, leaf through catalogues of his exhibitions, and explore his library of art books.


New exhibitions
At the Kupferman Collection House

Connecting sources: Sahar Mi’ari and Moshe Kupferman

Curator: Tal Bechler

Occasional cranes

Participants: Mor Elazar, Yael Alkabetz, Noga Gilad, Tali Warsowov, Elad Zada, Daniel Haziza, Bar Cohen, Maya Shmerich

Curatorial accompaniment: Galia Bar Or, Roni Ben Dor

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משה קופפרמן, עבודה על נייר, 1999. צילום סיגל קולטון
Moshe Kupferman, Photographer: Yair Peleg
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