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Studio – The Atelier

Moshe Kupfernan’s studio, or as he called it, The Atelier, is located inside Kupferman Collection House and is open to the public.

The Atelier is preserved as it was left by Moshe Kupferman and is accompanied by documentation of his life and work, as testimony of the man and artist.

Yona Fischer writes:

“It was built in 1964, and from then until Moshe Kupferman’s passing, for nearly forty years, it served him as a studio. This is where he created the vast majority of his works; this is where he used to spend six (some say seven) days a week, long hours of work and observation; this is where he experienced the slow, gradual changes of daylight from the north.

Kupferman himself designed the work space’s exposure to this vital light, just as he planned the dimensions of the space, width, length and height, as well as its division into exact functions: to the left – the easel, next to it – the table of cumulating paints; to the right – an intimate spot for sitting by himself or with visitors and friends; in the middle – the work table, whose tilted surface was determined to enable him the unique combination of concentration and freedom, which gave rise to his large drawings, the “works on paper”; and in-between – assorted materials, cardboard cylinders, shelves for storage, layers of yellowing newspapers, cardboard boxes, objects gathered during his wanderings, planks on which he leaned his paintings when presenting them to visitors…”

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